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Dimply’s Rub Seasoning – Variety Flavors 12-Pack Bundle

(5 customer reviews)


Free shipping included.

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Dimply's Rub Seasoning - Cajun Chicken
Dimply's Rub Seasoning - Jerk Chicken
Dimply's Rub Seasoning - Memphis Pork
Dimply's Rub Seasoning - Oklahoma Steak
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Flavors include Cajun Chicken, Jerk Chicken, Memphis Pork, and Oklahoma Steak.

5 reviews for Dimply’s Rub Seasoning – Variety Flavors 12-Pack Bundle


    The Memphis pork rub is one of the best rubs I have tasted on my grilled pork chops in a long time. Since that rub was so good, I look forward to trying the other rubs that Dimply’s have. My order has been placed.

    • Dimply’s Rub & Grill

      Thank you.

  2. Leslie Reed

    Great rub goner try this on shoulder

  3. Kevin feliciano

    Best rub ever love this

  4. Mike Keeland (verified owner)

    I really like all of the varieties. They really add a great flavor to the meat. It’s also great that you can mix and match and free shipping is awesome.

  5. Allie Gleason

    The absolute best Jerk this side of Jamaica! Try it and see for yourself.

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